Different Dirt

There are all kinds of dirt.

My first job was chopping weeds in the soy bean fields for a dollar an hour. All day, forty hours a week, in the blistering, blazing, beat-down Texas sun. The weeds won.

We once planted too many tomato plants, we had more tomato’s than we could count, eat, or give away. We planted other things too, but not so much for them.

Our back yard was seeded with grass. I fertilized and watered it just like the instructions said. No grass grew.

Some say you can smell good dirt. Which must mean that bad dirt has a smell. It all smells like dirt to me. Soil can be used as a metaphor, as Jesus did in Luke 8. He taught about different kinds of dirt to illustrate different kinds of hearts.

Jesus told a parable about a farmer who planted a field. As he scattered the seed, it fell on four kinds of soil.

  1. Dirt that was trampled down hard, it was crusty and impervious to seed.
  2. Dirt filled with stones and rocks; the deeper you dug, the more you got.
  3. Dirt ideal to raise thick, thriving, healthy thorns; and lots of them.
  4. Then the good soil; not hard, or rocky, or thorny; but fertile and ready.

His disciples didn’t get it. They asked him what the parable meant; and Jesus explained it to them. Some people have such hard hearts, that nothing can penetrate. The word, as powerful as it is, just bounces off.

Some have hearts that are equal parts dirt and rocks. The roots never grow deep in that soil. The rocks won’t allow it. Eventually, it just dies.

Others have thorny hearts. They believe in God and His son. But frankly, they choose to keep one foot in the gospel soil and the other foot in the world’s dirt. It won’t work.

But then there is good soil, fertile and ready for planting. The message flows into their hearts, takes root, and in time, produces a crop. Good soil is fruitful soil.

Which soil do you have?

  1. If you are hard and crusty, you probably aren’t reading this anyway.
  2. If you have a rocky heart, your spiritual life doesn’t have long to live.
  3. If it’s thorny, your love for sin, pleasures, and hypocrisy will kill you.
  4. If it’s a good heart, then God bless you! Keep going, growing, and Godly.

There are all kinds of dirt.

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