Restoring The Ancient Ways

A few nights ago, I posted on Facebook that my wife had made a chicken for dinner that was “out of this world.” I meant it. What ensued was a bevy of friends asking for the recipe. “What’s her secret?” they asked. Some said, “Share the recipe.” So I’ve decided to share Danielle’s chicken secret; you might want to get your pen and paper ready.

free range chickens

But first, you need a little background on Rick and Danielle. When we were married back in July of 1978, she was already an excellent cook. She had several dishes that were as good or better than anything I had ever eaten. She knew I was especially fond of chicken, so early in our newlywedness, (not a word) while grocery shopping at Furr’s, our local Lubbock grocer, she brought home some chicken. She was going to fry chicken that night and I was very excited. As she began making dinner, I could see that she was doing it wrong. I told her how I liked it, how I had always liked it, and asked if she could please try it my way? Being the wonderful wife that she was, and is, she replied with, “Okay, I’ll give it a try.” It turned out just as I hoped. And for 37 years it’s how she’s cooked it for me. She has experimented with different seasonings and such, but the basic recipe has remained the same throughout our chicken years.

Then Thursday night, just out of no where, she winked at me and said, “Rick, I’m going to do something with the chicken that you have never had before.” I was instantly on guard and a little frightened. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of chicken change.

fried chicken

Well, she did it; I should have trusted her, and I have to say that it really was excellent! What did she do? What was her new chicken recipe? Well, before the cutting, dipping, and the frying, she plucked it.

It made all the difference.


2 thoughts on “Restoring The Ancient Ways

  1. OBOY ! ! ! You really sucked us in, on that one ! ! Now…give us the recipe…the REALl one…oh…did you ever eat ‘southern fired chicken smothered in flour gravy??? It’s de-licious ! ! !


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