Getting the Call

In July of 1975, I had the unique experience of going through a week of intense spiritual challenge. It resulted in deep conviction, a tearful repentance, and the seeking of God’s cleansing and forgiveness. He provided both. Within a few weeks I had also received my life’s calling, the fusing of my heart to the service of His Kingdom. The responses were mixed from my family and friends. Some doubted. Others gave a soft, “Isn’t that nice.” One relative asked,“Why do you want to throw your life away?” My parents were very supportive.


The calling wasn’t an audible voice, or an angel’s appearance, or even a dream. But it was a powerful and clear realization, leading me in a singular direction, with clarity and purpose. Forty years have passed and I’m still faithful to the calling; I’m still striving to serve.

After  performing the miracles in Capernaum’s synagogue, Jesus began to find and call men to discipleship; to follow him as their Rabbi. He called men that no other Rabbi would think of calling; or would want if they had thought of them. He called Simon, Andrew, James, and John. They were men of nets and fish, and he called them to become fishers of men. His calling was simple, “Follow me.”


Those disciples didn’t hold advanced degrees; they weren’t the A students, and they were never the brightest kids in the class. No one expected them to rise very high. As a tax collector, Levi already had three strikes against him. Jesus called Simon the Zealot, and the words describing the hatred a Zealot would have for a Jewish tax collector are too many to write. Then Jesus called a man from Jerusalem, the only one of the twelve who was not from Galilee; his name was Judas. Those were the men Jesus wanted; the ones he chose.

Like those early disciples, Jesus didn’t call you into his Kingdom based on your intelligence, education, or level of success. His blessings were lovingly given because you chose to believe. His calling shapes and defines your life, it provides purpose. You are exactly who Jesus wanted serving in his kingdom. You are the chosen ones, the ones he chose to serve.

Serve him well. 


One thought on “Getting the Call

  1. Getting the call is magical and if you answer the call, your life will never be the same. Sometimes, answering the call means getting out of our comfort zone and up off the couch and go to work. But, if we want to be a water-walker like Peter, we have to get out of the boat!


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