Becoming A Filled Basket

Thanksgiving leftovers: trays of turkey, mounds of potatoes, and gallons of gravy. Not to mention the cranberries, stuffing, and jello; who decided that Thanksgiving required jello, with cottage cheese?

Afterwards, there are tables to clear, dishes to wash, and a mess in the kitchen. But before all of that, there are leftovers to store. So out come the bowls, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, zip-lock baggies, and the plastic containers with air-tight lids.Then it’s football and pie. Usually, there is leftover pie too, pounds of leftover pie. I love Thanksgiving.

Jesus knew about leftovers. Twice he fed the multitudes with only a few loaves of bread and some fish. Both times, after eating all they wanted, Jesus had the leftovers collected. How did they collect the leftovers – with baskets. They filled twelve baskets the first time and seven baskets the second time.

Question: After miraculously feeding thousands of people, what was the point of the baskets? Clearly, if more food was needed, Jesus could easily multiply some bread and fish. Surely, he didn’t need all those baskets.

Is it possible the baskets represented something else? As if Jesus were saying, “I can provide for all of you, as much as you need, and when you are finished, there will be plenty for everyone else.” If Jesus could feed the masses with so little, just imagine what he could do with nineteen  full baskets? It was a sign:”I am the Messiah, I am Yahweh.”

We cannot deplete God’s power. We can exhaust neither his magnificient mercy or his gargantuan grace. We can’t. After he is finished forgiving the masses, he still has plenty for everyone else. There are yet baskets and baskets full of his compassion, love, and forgiveness. All we need.

Perhaps God has chosen to fill us. Maybe we are the baskets of his grace and divine purpose? Is he looking to bless others by working though us? Are we the living containers of his Word so others can find his kingdom and receive the Gospel’s saving power?

Be a full basket of God, a basket filled with Jesus. Share your heavenly blessings with someone who is empty, hungry, and in need.

God bless you.


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