Three Things You Need To Know About These Stones

2013-01-14 11.09.19.jpgThe stones in this picture are from an ancient Canaanite culture. Meaning that the stones themselves are ancient and probably predate Abraham. However, it’s likely that Abraham would have passed by them on his travels in Canaan, and would have interacted with the descendants of those who placed them there.

What are the three things you need to know? Glad you asked!

1 .The stones represented boundary markers. They were signs to anyone passing by that they were traveling on someone’s land.

2. The stones were treaty markers between tribes. The agreements would have been about trade covenants. For instance, permission to travel across their land for some kind of compensation. As well as other aspects of tribal life.

3. The stones stood next to a stone basin. The basin was hewn out of a large rock and was used in animal sacrifices. The blood pooled in the basin, and then was used in ceremonies related to the treaties and covenants.

I stood there, marveling at their size and imagining the people who set them in place 4,000 years ago. To them, the stones stood for boundaries, treaties and covenants, and the blood used to seal the covenants.

In Jesus our Messiah, we have a living stone. He existed both in reality and as a symbol, for God’s plan to redeem mankind.

Jesus is our boundary marker. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He knows his flock and his flock knows him, they know his voice, and will follow no other. We are his body, his temple, and his bride. Jesus is our boundary, we are subjects of his kingdom.

Jesus is our  peace marker. The treaty between God and man was made by Jesus our Messiah. He made the peace for those who were near and those who were far off. Jesus is our peace.

Jesus is our stone basin. His was the blood that washed the sins of the worldHe was the Lamb of God. By his blood we are cleansed, made whole, and made holy. Jesus the living stone, is our basin of stone.

Four thousand years ago, people set up stones of great meaning, solemnized in blood, kept for posterity. Jesus our Messiah is all of that and so much more. We lift him up in our hearts, we glorify him in our words, and we honor him with our actions. Jesus our Messiah, our living stone!

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