Finding The Oasis

En Gedi waterfall
En Gedi waterfall

It’s sometimes said that the one thing everyone in the desert is looking for is the oasis. The oasis is life: water, food, shade, and salvation. When David was running from Saul, he sought refuge in the caves of En Gedi, a desert oasis in a craggy canyon rising up into the blue Israeli sky. At the head of the canyon is the waterfall shown in the picture. If you were in the desert and running for your life, En Gedi was as good as it got.

Because of water shifts, the amount of water flowing today is much less than what it was during Moses’ time when a million plus people and all their animals had to drink.

Jesus offered living water. Living water came from a moving source, like rainwater or a natural spring. He used living water as a metaphor symbolizing salvation and the Holy Spirit. To people living in a desert climate, the metaphor was powerful. It’s still powerful. The Living Water of the Messiah is the Spirit welling up inside of us unto eternal life. David found physical salvation in this waterfall. You and I find spiritual salvation in living water of the Spirit. Praise God.

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